Mathematics in Action
Mathematics at CCI

About Numeracy

Our CCI Math Team looks forward to running exciting programs that include: hands on activities, outdoor labs, use of technology, projects and presentations.  

Math Courses are offered at various levels to accommodate all learners: 

  • Locally Developed, which lead to success in: The Workplace, Daily Math Skills, Budgeting and Finance 
  • Applied, which lead to success in: Apprenticeships, Skilled Trades, College Programs, Some University Programs, Entrepreneurship
  • Academic/IB, which lead to success in: College Programs, University Programs

Please Note: Math Help is always available even though your class stops.  The Math Hall is always open for business every day, at lunch and/or after school.


Contact Information

Contact Information

For more information regarding Numeracy at CCI, including EQAO for Grade 9 Math, please get in touch with Linda Waldack, Lead Teacher of Mathematics or School Administration.

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