Welcome to The Arts at CCI

Welcome to the Arts

C.C.I. has a wide range of exciting arts options, catering to the full breadth of creative modes of expression. Whether your interests and talents lie in drama, drama production, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, guitar, digital music and recording, or the visual arts, C.C.I. has the program, the experienced faculty, and the facilities you need. From an extra-curricular perspective, opportunities abound for students who love the arts. Dance recitals, plays, musicals, black light theatre, comedy nights, dessert concerts, music festivals, performing for elementary schools, art contests, set design, and gallery exhibitions are just a sampling of the activities that will take you well beyond the walls of the classroom. Learn. Explore. Create. Thrive.
Contact Information

Contact Information


Loren Macklin (Dance)

Steve Oliver (Arts)

Peter Riccio (Music)

Katie Snoek (Arts)

Christine Stone (Lead Teacher Arts, Drama)




Creativity Showcase
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